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D is for Dangers

I don’t want to suggest that there are unsuspecting dangers lurking around every corner – but there are a few things I’d like to suggest that each Premises committee should consider.

What are the dangers that you might be most concerned with?

  • Fire
  • Accidents
  • Decay or lack of maintenance which causes the building to become unsafe
  • Loss of hirers and therefore income
  • Loss of volunteers and therefore needing to hire people to do the same work

Then how to solve these:
Most risks can be avoided with some practical preparation and common sense.

Fire and other Risk Assessment templates are easily available from the HSE website with guidance and questionnaires to work through.

Did you know ROSPA do surveys of the building and garden if you want a professional viewpoint. Otherwise ensuring you have appropriate H&S policies and procedures should protect yourself and others.

Be careful to differientiate between things you have to do legally and those that you want to do and what others might suggest you do…

Insurance is always a good idea to protect assests.

Ensuring that each building is surveyed professionally on a regular basis – commonly every 5 years ‘a Quinquennial Survey’ plus more often – at least annually by members of the Premises committee.

Consider ways to build a relationship with your hirers, ask questions to see how that relationship is (doesn’t have to be as formal as a survey), find ways to add value to encourage them to stay with you.

Have a back up plan of how you would run the organization if you didn’t have volunteers and think of ways that your volunteers feel supported and appreciated. (There will be more about this when we get to V!)

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