Quaker A-Z: X marks the spot

2014 12 19 tube labyrinth

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X marks the spot – part one

X marks the spot for signatures. Do you have room hire contracts? Are they for set periods of time or a license for part of the building? Do you have full names and addresses for the people and groups that use your building – especially any that have keys or access codes?

In P is for Premises and Policies and in T is for Terms and Conditions I mentioned the benefit of having time to think through issues and be able to decide on terms, conditions and policies to ensure that levels of service, care and maintenance are standardised, whilst problems can be prevented or considered before they arise.

A well written contract can ensure that problems are dealt with in a measured fashion, and that all hirers are held to the same expectations. The contract can prevent individuals being treated differently – depending on which Quaker they’ve spoken to. Being able to refuse a request or point out a problem with reference to a policy or contract document can make any confrontations easier to handle, and feel less personal to the people involved.

When you produce a contract, it should include the relevant terms and conditions as part of the contract so the hirer can see what they are agreeing to. As I’ve mentioned previously, many samples are available – it isn’t necessary to invent the wheel. Contact me if you would like a sample pack of documents.

X marks the spot – part two

X marks the spots on maps, especially treasure maps. X is often used to mark a specific place.

  • So, could anyone find you on the map?
  • On local tourist or information maps is the Meeting House marked as a place of interest?
  • Are there directions on your website?
  • If you have photos of the building, are they what a visitor would see from the road or the prettier bit around the side?
  • Have you included a map on any marketing or information leaflets that you hand out?

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