Charity Finance Scenarios

You are looking for a way to be comfortable with financial matters, certain that the monies entrusted are safe and dealt with appropriately.

Finding a treasurer is often a tricky process! We’re here to help support in a variety of ways, with the level of support increasing or decreasing as required as your needs change over time.

We can do as little or as much as you need right now – here are some examples of levels (the specific tasks will of course be decided by you).

  1. Bookkeeping with evidence provided by the charity. No budgeting or other management required. Annual accounts and interim reports produced as agreed.
  2. Manage both income and expenditure, filing and maintaining systems as agreed with the treasurer. We take on more of the treasurers’ tasks including categorising donations, claiming gift aid, chasing of suppliers and contractors etc., or other financial administration as requested.
  3. Ability to set up payments, monitor bank accounts, and provide a higher level of support.

These scenarios are just examples, and we’re willing to agree variations of the standard services to be done within the hours agreed. If you would like to suggest additional services not listed, do discuss this with us.

In addition to the above, we also supply training and mentoring in a range of courses available on our classroom site, or bespoke to fit your needs.