Category: Spiritual Practice

Ideas and thoughts inspired by spiritual practices, especially how they connect to our work in the world.

#AdventWord 2019: 18 Worship

Worship is a fundamental part of religious life. As a Quaker I appreciate the belief that everything is equally sacred. Therefore any Quaker business meeting uses the ‘Quaker Business Method’ and a (local, area or yearly) meeting’s business meeting is formally called, a ‘Meeting for Worship for Business’, we also have ‘Meeting for Worship for

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Quaker Faith & Practice with stones

#AdventWord 2019: 17 Pray

Prayer is an exercise of the spirit, as thought is of the mind. To pray about anything is to use the powers of our spirit on it, just as to think clearly is to use our mental powers. For the best solution of every problem, the best carrying out of every action, both thought and

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