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Articles and thoughts inspired by the current Quaker book of discipline: Quaker Faith & Practice.

‘Reading Quaker faith & practice’ conference at Woodbrooke

All area meetings in Britain have been invited to nominate a Friend to participate in the ‘Reading Quaker faith & practice‘ conference at Woodbrooke, 22nd to 24th April 2016. The conference will provide an opportunity to: Learn from one another’s experience of participating in the Reading Quaker faith & practice programme so far. Gain ideas

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Building a Fairer World

After all the long term struggles to get banners on Friends House with Camden council, I have so enjoyed seeing them go up – temporarily and now permanently. Such a good form of outreach and of brightening up the neighbourhood. Lovely to see them as I exit Euston station. 23.13 Seeking to live at all

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Everything can happen….

23.32 is one of my favourite passages – Ursula Franklin talks about the her enjoyment of sitting in silence at the beginning of meeting knowing that everything can happen. It always makes me think of an encounter with a homeless ex-catholic priest while volunteering at the Quaker Centre at Friends House. A large part of

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Qf&p Chapter 23: Social Responsibility

This chapter is the first in the calendar to read through. It contains the following sections: Faith in Action Corporate Responsibility Social Responsibility – poverty and house; slavery; torture; discrimination and disadvantage The Individual and the Community – work and economic affairs; education Friends and state authority – conscription; crime and punishment Fifteen passages have

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Qf&P: Chapter Twenty One – Personal Journey

This chapter is the first in the calendar to read through. It contains the following sections: Youth – six passages Knowing & accepting ourselves – fourteen passages Living a full life – six passages Creativity – sixteen passages Getting older – five passages Death – ten passages Suffering and healing – fourteen passages There are

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Reading through Quaker Faith & Practice – an introduction

From October 1st 2015 until April 2017, alongside many others, I will be taking part in a group reading through of Quaker Faith & Practice (Qf&P). I’m taking part in both on-line groups and discussions – plus a physical discussion group in my local meeting. I’ll share some of my thoughts and discoveries here too and

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