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Society of Virtual Assistants Survey 2018

Virtual Assistant I’m often asked by clients, where do I get my information about rates and other virtual assistants? One of the biggest answers is from here: The Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA) 9th annual survey. To read about how I define VA, read the home page, and if you are wondering how it all

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Quaker A-Z: I is for Inventories, Insurances and Inclusiveness

This is part of the Quaker Alphabet Project – click here for more information. I is for Inventories, Insurances and Inclusiveness Inventories and Insurances Inventories and Insurances seem to go together – Inclusiveness perhaps less so. Insurances are of course another of those matters where I will advise that professional guidance should be sought. Contents

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Charity Management

Generic Email Addresses or how to prevent memory loss…

What is a generic email address and why do I think they are important? An example of a generic email address is which for a office or that office holder rather than a person. For Quaker Meetings’ Friends House offer the option to have a standard email address, – which is actually a forwarding

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Affording our Meeting Houses

This could be taken two ways – how do we ensure that the Meeting House is affordable for both the local community and the worshipping community that uses it. Not only financially, but also with reference back to an earlier post: Beacon or Burden. Hopefully, all Quaker Meetings are a spirit-led, all-age faith community trying

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